Consumer Appliances

Everyday Applications

Many people start their day off with a hot cup of coffee and a piece of toast; resistance wire heaters are used to make your coffee hot and your toast crispy. Hyndman Industrial Products has been manufacturing heating elements for consumer appliances for over 35 years and supports manufacturers through the distribution of bulk raw material. Whether your application requires millions of coils or just a few, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs.

Some of the more common consumer appliance applications include: laundry dryers, irons, toasters, refrigerator/ freezer (defroster coils), hair dryers, crock pots, coffee roasters, coffee makers, and space heaters. We also provide replacement heating elements for a variety of applications.

Typical alloys used in consumer appliances are:
N8 - Common Name: Chromel A, Nikrothal 80, Tophet A, Resistohm 80, Alloy A, MWS-650, Stablohm 650
KD - Common Name: Kanthal D, Alloy 815, Alchrome DK, Alferon 901, Resistohm 135, Aluchrom 5, Stablohm 812
N6 - Common Name: Chromel C, Nikrothal 60, Tophet C, Resistohm 60, Alloy C, MWS-675, Stablohm 675
KA1 - Common Name: Kanthal A1, Alloy 875, Resistohm 145, Alchrome 875, MWS-875, Stablohm 875
KAF - Common Name: Kanthal AF, Resistohm Y, Aluchrom Y, Alloy 837, AF

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Consumer Appliances