We have some tools to help you make the right choices when purchasing resistance wire and ribbon. Check out the following tools and resources.


A comprehensive list of industry terms and definitions concerning resistance wires, ribbons, heating elements and ceramic assemblies.

Gauge Calculator

American Wire Gauge (AWG) to inches and millimeters conversion.

Alloy Cross Reference Chart

Cross reference chart depicting common trade names for heating element, resistance, thermocouple, expansion, spark plug, mechanical and nickel alloys.     

Alloy Match Locator

Utility designed to allow a researcher to find equivalent alloys and gauges to a known sample.

Alloy Specifications

Specifications for resistance alloys.

Ohm's Law Conversion Tool

Calculate voltage (volts), power (watts), resistance (ohms) or current (amps) when any two are known.

Surcharge Letters

Surcharges applied to nickel, iron, chromium and aluminum alloys based on commodity costs. Surcharges are applied per pound and change monthly.