Resistance Wire

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Alloy Specifications


  • Withstands temperatures up to 1300°C
  • Uses: Ideal choice when you need good form stability at elevated temperatures. Uses: Open mica elements for toasters and hair dryers, meander shaped elements for fan heaters, open coil elements on fiber insulating material, ceramic glass top heaters in ranges, boiling (hot) plates, suspended coil and straight wire elements for radiators, convection heaters, as porcupine elements for hot air guns, radiators, and tumble dryers.
  • Common Name: Kanthal AF, Resistohm Y, Aluchrom Y, Alloy 837, AF


Nickel (Ni) None/Trace
Chromium (Cr) 22%
Iron (Fe) Balance
Aluminium (Al) 5.30%
Silicon (Si) None/Trace
Manganese (Mn) None/Trace
Copper (Cu) None/Trace
Carbon (C) None/Trace
Titanium (Ti) None/Trace
Molybdenum (Mo) None/Trace
Tungsten (W) None/Trace


  • Specific Resistance:  836 ohms/cmf, 139 microohm/cm
  • Nom. Temp. Coeff. of Resistance (TCR):  0.0085 ohm/ohm/°C (0-100°C)
  • Density:  0.258 lb/cu. in.
  • Specific Heat (20°C):  0.109869 cal/g
  • Nominal Coefficient of Linear Expansion:  11 X 10-6 in/in/°C
  • Approx. Melting Point:  1500°C
  • Tensile Strength at 20°C:   KPSI Hard, 101.5 KPSI Annealed
  • Magnetic Attraction:  Strong