Desiccant Dryer Element Rebuild

Case Study: Desiccant Dryer Element Rebuild

When a piece of equipment used in support of production breaks down it has an immediate impact on the company and its ability to produce efficiently. Hyndman Industrial Products recently had the opportunity to work with a cable manufacturer in the Mid-West and complete a desiccant dryer heating element assembly rebuild. This dehumidifying system overheated during production causing catastrophic failure and collapse of the assembly housing, as a result, producing damage to the support structure of the heating element.

While the original equipment manufacturer was willing to quote the replacement parts, they only offered limited support on this older unit and quoted a 6 week lead time for complete replacement of both units. In an attempt to shorten down-time on this piece of equipment, the customer took to the internet to find alternative options.

Initiating contact through, Hyndman’s technical sales responded to this request and began compiling information for the project. It was determined this rebuild required a 20kw, 480v, three phase heating assembly comprised of 6 elements per assembly and the dehumidifying system utilized two assemblies in operation. After analyzing supplied photos, the customer delivered the units to the Hyndman facility for a more in-depth evaluation. Once all required information was confirmed, the repair of one of the heating assemblies, (replacement of the elements and the MG lead wire connections), and a complete rebuild of the other including replacement of damaged support rods was quoted. During the rebuild process, it was determined that the support rods could be salvaged and the cost savings was passed on to the customer. Both units were repaired and available for customer pick-up 7 business days after order was confirmed and below the OEM’s quoted replacement price.


“I am ecstatic with the repairs and performance of the reconditioned heater assemblies. I am very happy to have taken this decision in having the work be performed by Hyndman.” – Plant Engineer